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We're a loose group of people from Europe, casually making short games, experiments and jams on the side for fun. Sometimes in a team sometimes in solo projects.


In the beginning

Founded by Chris Ksoll and Martin Umgeher for the expressed purpose of participating in Ludum Dare 38 we figured we might as well go on.

After that ...

Since then we've been working together on prototypes and smaller releases throughout the years on the side and to this day still are doing that. True to the jam theme we kept our projects nice and crunchy for the occasional play session.


Hafermann is a short adventure story that pitches you against an evil demon, based on german folk tales. The Hafermann. Evade the demon and bring back the last harvest where it belongs.


A Shrine

The Hafermann

Inga sets out

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(Download the information and graphics on this press kit as zip)